Solar Energy & Weather Information
[sample text] This new solar energy system is part of our commitment to clean energy sources. Photovoltaic energy provides safe and quiet power with little impact on the environment. Sunlight is free and abundant, giving solar energy systems guaranteed access to electrical power to meet the growing energy needs of today's world.
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System Details:

Total System Power:  40.565 kW

Solar PV Array:  133 SunPower 305 modules

Inverter: Satcon PowerGate Plus 50 kW

Azimuth:  180° true
Elevation: 10° 

Latitude:  40°57'10.9" N
Longitude:  70°07'50.6" W 

Installer:  Jersey Solar, LLC 

Heliotronics, Inc.  Becquerel 3P™ with™ Internet display

Alexander Hamilton Elementary School
380 Harristown Road
Glen Rock, N.J. 07452